Valor Hall Engagement Session | Clarksville Engagement Photographer | Freedom + Jay

This month I met Freedom and Jay at one of my favorite places to shoot, Valor Hall in Oak Grove, KY just outside Fort Campbell. These two sweethearts just recently celebrated their first anniversary together and got engaged! I was so excited when they asked me to shoot their engagement photos for them and we had the best time walking through the park chatting about their upcoming wedding this fall and all that this year has in store for them.

Leading up to their session Freedom told me that Jay's eyes light up when he is talking about a passion of his and can't help but smile. I was fortunate to catch that full body smile on camera as Jay was looking at the woman he loves. When I asked them to describe themselves in a few words the first one they used was "silly." I didn't think much of it at the time, but once I got them out on their session I realized just how fantastic having a "silly" couple is! In one of my favorite shots (see below) I asked Freedom to look over her shoulder and laugh. As a client, this is one of the most awkward directions to get from your photographer because you are standing in the middle of a park laughing out loud and nothing. I could see she felt a little unsure when I asked her to laugh so I told Jay he could "encourage" her by giving her side a little tickle. It is seriously my favorite shot of the night and after getting to know them, one I think captures their personalities pretty well.

I had so much fun getting to know these two lovebirds during their session. Sometimes meeting a client on a shoot is kinda like a blind don't know if you're going to hit it off right from the start, or if it will take everyone a little while to warm up. With Freedom and Jay we hit the ground running and laughed our way through our hour together. Freedom even has done some photography in the past so she was such a great help finding the perfect spot for some additional images.