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Ok y'all...TODAY IS THE DAY! Happy 2019! Can you believe that it is a new year already? It seems like 2018 was the longest and shortest year at the same time. I look back at the year and I honestly cannot remember if I had a resolution in 2018 (is that sad or awesome, I can't decide). While it might be a good thing that I didn't have a resolution, I also can't say I had any clear focus for the year start to finish, both personally and professionally. I guess my focus was to keep little man alive, happy, and functioning - SUCCESS!

However, I want 2019 to be different. Well, not for little man - I still want him to be alive, happy, and functioning. But I do want to have predetermined focal points in each area of my life that I can redirect myself back to when life gets crazy (as it always does). So this year's resolutions will be divided into a few different areas: Photography, Marriage, Motherhood, and Self. I do want to preface my resolutions as nothing exceptional. They may seem simple or not life changing, but they are life changing for me. So let that be how you think about your resolutions, they don't have to seem life changing as long as they are life changing for you.

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1. Shoot More! Ok, thats simple and easy to say, but last year between working my day job, learning how to be a mom, trying not to forget how to be a good wife, and balancing all of them I didn't shoot as much as I wanted in 2018. While I'll probably always want to shoot more, I want to also shoot more regularly. This doesn't mean just sessions with my clients (although more of those are always a blessing), it means taking my camera out even when its just for fun! I barely took any non-iphone images of Jamie this year and it kills me. We didn't even take a Christmas card photo! So this year, I want to shoot more of EVERYTHING: clients, family, adventures, volunteer opportunities, etc.

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2. Blog More! I'm starting out this year pretty strong, never mind that it is day 1, and already 1 for 1 on blogging. This year I want to blog more regularly even between clients. I am setting 2 goals in this department: a) 1 blog post a month (which is my easy way out goal) and b) 1 blog post per week (which seems lofty during the slow season but its a goal). With these two goals I think I'll land somewhere in between on a yearly average, and that is still more often and more regular than 2018.


1. Be More Vocally Appreciative of My Husband! Often I am aware of all that my husband does for us, but I am busy, tired, or forgetful and I think he just knows, or I think he can read my mind. NEWSFLASH JULIA, he can't read your mind! I need to be better at telling him I am grateful for him and the things he does for us on a regular basis.

2. Date More! Now that sounds funny as a happily married woman. But, I don't mean date others, I mean I need to date MY HUSBAND more. Since becoming parents, life has changed....DUH. We love spending time with our son, and we can never get enough of time with him, but that doesn't mean that all of our time needs to be all 3 of us. I married my husband for a lot of reasons, but not a single one of them was to use him solely for giving me a child. Of course I wanted to have children with him, but if we couldn't ever have children (which at one point is what we thought), I would still be 10000% happy with my choice to marry the man of my dreams. He is my best friend, I can't forget that just because we are parents now. This year I hope to go on 1 childfree date/month with the man I married.


1. Keep Little Man Engaged! If you don't already know, this year has lots of changes in our house. Most importantly, I have left my job at the local university to stay home with my little man and pup. Which sounds like a dream...and it will be. However, I also worry about making sure he stays engaged and continues to learn since he will go from having regular interaction with other adults and children to just being at home with me. Before I left my job, I put together a tentative schedule for my day at home with little man. It includes household chores, meals, naps, and time-slots for activities with Little Man. It will probably go through a few revisions over the year as I figure out this new normal, but I want to make sure I'm not just keeping Little Man (and myself) holed up in the house all day every day, or just doing to day-to-day life without finding ways to make our days both educational and fun.

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2. Raise a Godly Little Man! One of the big reasons I left my job came from words our pastor said this spring: if at the end of the day you don't have the time, energy, or will power to raise your children to know the Lord, who will? Now, I'm paraphrasing, but that has really stuck with me. My husband and I have talked for YEARS about how we want to raise our children to know and love God, since even before we were married. And here I am, a mother, thinking that Little Man will just automatically know and love God even if I don't do anything about it. Well, I'm not crazy, I know that won't happen. But he also won't learn unless I make a change. Side note: I keep saying I need to make the change. I don't want you to get the wrong idea, my husband and I are a team in all things, including raising our son to know the Lord. However, in his career, we don't have the luxury of him being home on a regular schedule to do the day-to-day education. My husband is most definitely the spiritual leader of this family and we work together to raise Little Man to love God. He handles big-picture things and I handle the day-to-day.


1. Read More! I don't know if you're like me, but I always have these lofty goals of reading and it NEVER happens. Towards the end of this year I purchased several books I am really excited about reading and both my husband and one of my friends bought me really awesome books I can't wait to read for Christmas this year. So with that being said I'd like to read a MINIMUM of 1 book/month. That may sound really easy to you, but I couldn't tell you the last book I read all the way through or the last time I read two books back to back. Plus, this is also a huge season of change so I need to know how much time I will have to read around my marriage, business, and mom-life.

2. Pray More! This year since I don't have a 2 hour commute from home to daycare to work and back, I am going to try to use some of that time every day for time spent in God's word and in prayer. I am someone who journals most of my prayers, so I really can't get away with telling myself I pray everyday since I have a physical journal to tell me otherwise. In 2019 I want to be sure I have a strong, regular, healthy, and interactive relationship with the God who made me, but I can't have that if I don't do my part and seek him first, daily.

3. Be More Kind! In 2019 I want to be kinder to myself and others. I want to say, I don't think I'm out there being mean, but I'd be a fool to think I was always the most kind version of myself I could be. Often, people look at those who are "kind" and think of them as "weak," but that isn't the case. Kindness is strong. It is WAY harder to be kind in some situations than to take the easy, frustrated, angry response. Being kind doesn't take away my strength, it adds to it. Praising others doesn't take away from my victories, it builds others up with me.

I hope at the end of this year I will look back on these and have accomplished some and made improvements in others. I think having a dedicated focal point in each area of my life will help me keep myself on track this year.

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2019?