2019 New Years Resolutions - Recap | Clarksville Photographer

Well here we are, in 2020. Happy New Year! My 2020 Resolution post is coming next week, but I thought first I should do a recap on my resolutions from 2019 and see how I did. If you missed my 2019 Resolution post you can find it here. I broke my resolutions down into categories: photography, marriage, motherhood, and self. So let's check in and see how I did!


1. Shoot More! I definitely did this one. I volunteered from January to May shooting promotional images for our church, specifically in the youth ministry, and I've dropped in occasionally since then to capture images for the church when needed. I also shot more of our daily life as the year came to a close. I think this is still one I will have to work on, remembering to take my camera and snap photos of my kiddos as we are doing things as a family. I shot more client sessions too, which is a big plus!

2. Blog More! I'm not sure how I did in this department. I blogged my client sessions, my family stuff, and a few extra posts here and there but we had a big year (finding out we were pregnant again and my husband being diagnosed with cancer) so I definitely can't say I checked this box off like I had intended.


1. Be More Vocally Appreciative of My Husband! This is a constant work in progress. I often times think I'm making big improvements in this area and then when I check in with my husband he says it barely is an improvement. Last night I had him take the Enneagram Test and he's mostly a Type 2: The Helper, meaning his basic fear is being unwanted or unworthy of being loved. That jumped out at me and is him to a T. I need to make sure he feels wanted and loved. One way to do that is show/tell him how appreciative I am of him and all he does for us. So this one can't be checked off. I still need to work on this.

2. Date More! Well we started the year off great with a date night in January and two weeks later we found out we were pregnant again! 😳🙈February and April we had two formal military balls to attend so those counted as a "date". March he was gone for training. In May he was diagnosed with cancer and spent half the month training for work so no dates then. In June while on a family vacation we got to sneak away for a date night while my parents kept Little Man. The rest of the summer was pretty date-less since we were dealing with cancer treatments and then preparing ourselves and our home for Little Miss' arrival in October. We were able to sneak out over Thanksgiving weekend with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend for an afternoon double date while my in-laws kept the kids and we ended the year on a high note going on Terrific Lady Day in December to the Melting Pot and to see the Nutcracker. I'll say all things considered, we did ok on our 1/month goal. We got 6 of 12 months and battled cancer so I think that's a win!


1. Keep Little Man Engaged! If any stay at home parents of toddlers read my post last year they probably laughed at my idea of having a "schedule" for our days. Just about the only "schedule" in this house is for wake ups, meals, naps, and bed times. Everything in between is a crap shoot depending on obligations, appointments, work, holidays, weather, and about a million other things. This year we survived, not thrived, in our attempts to keep him engaged. We had huge wins in some areas. We discovered that our little man LOVES gymnastics. We plan on getting him signed up for more classes in 2020. He also wants to be outside as much as humanly possible. But we struggled not reading to him as much as we would like, allowing for too much screen time on rainy days, or when I was SUPER PREGNANT. It's a balancing act and I'm going to give myself some grace here. He is still a pretty well adjusted toddler.

2. Raise a Godly Little Man! I think we struggled in the first half of the year, but starting this fall we really hit our stride. We have been reading Bible stories at night and praying before bed as a family. While he still doesn't understand the concept of prayer just yet, he knows we fold our hands, close our eyes, bow our heads, and talk to God. It is the cutest thing to see him pray. We may not have done a great job all year, but I'm giving us credit since we finished the year out strong and started this year on track.


1. Read More! I had months of hitting or surpassing my 1 book/month goal and some months on end that I didn't lift a book. Life is what it is but I definitely still need to work on this one even when life gets crazy. I enjoy reading, especially when it comes to learning things that are applicable to my life. I still have lots of books I was either gifted or purchased myself that I have yet to read so plenty of content left on the shelf.

2. Pray More! This year I think I had a breakthrough in this department. With two kids, I don't always have the freedom to write my prayers at the moment, but I did improve in my quiet time regularity, thanks to a recommendation from a friend this fall. I'm seeing a trend of my last 3-4 months of the year being where I kicked things into gear. Hopefully that means I'm on track already for 2020.

3. Be More Kind! This is still a work in progress. I have made some big improvements in prioritizing kindness, but I'm not where I need to be just yet. My sweet husband calls it the "hate train" when things bother me so much I can't get off the train. Unfortunately, the hate train was still running in 2019 so we have some work left to do. But I'm going to be proud of the progress I've made.

Reviewing my 2019 Resolutions makes me excited to set my 2020 Resolutions and honestly, I feel like some of these will be popping up this year as well as some new goals!

How did you do in 2019?