Fourth of July Picnic Baby Session | Clarksville Children's Photographer | Cregar Family Life Update

Hi friends! I have been MIA from shooting, blogging, & being a functioning member of society, but it is all for the best reason ever. Last spring (2017) my husband, Aaron, and I found out we were pregnant after several heartbreaking YEARS of trying to get pregnant and one really gut wrenching loss. Our sweet little one arrived into our world on December 5th and since then our world has changed in the most amazing way. Someday I hope to write a post on our pregnancy/birth of our little man, and I have these lofty goals of writing regular posts about his life but let's face it, I'm a new mom, married to a soldier, who works as a photographer and at a day job. Its a miracle if I get out the door with all the things I need for the day (thank goodness for keeping make up and deodorant at the office!). So those things will come someday, but I couldn't tell you what day that is. Anyway, this past weekend, while hubs was mowing the lawn, little man, pup, and I sat outside to keep him company and I took the opportunity to capture some rare, non-iphone, images of our sweet boy just chillin in the backyard.

six month old baby boy family session

fourth of july family session

blue eyed baby boy during family session

baby toes from family session

silly baby grin from family session